Street Pastors

Here’s a video of the street pastors in action…


Eden church members who volunteer for Street Pastors are (left to right):

  • Nick Bradshaw
  • Jackie Bradshaw
  • Lisa Welsby
  • Paul McDonald
  • Chris Wakley

For more information please contact:

Jackie Bradshaw
Cardiff Street Pastors Coordinator

Ignite (Big Ideas)
Tel +44 (0) 29 2051 2247
Fax +44 (0) 29 2051 1183
E:  cardiff@streetpastors.org.uk
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Cardiff Street Pastors Website National Street Pastors Website

Street Pastors want to ensure that people have an enjoyable but safe night out. The teams of volunteers assist with situations that enable the emergency services to deal with situations that are emergencies.

Cardiff Street Pastors was established on 21 November 2008. A team of 18 Street Pastors completed their training and over the next few months worked in Cardiff City Centre every Friday night.  They now have a team of 60 Street Pastors, which allows teams to patrol the streets of Cardiff City Centre every Friday and Saturday night from 10.00 pm – 4.00 am. The scheme is highly valued by the Police, Paramedics, Licensees, and Night Time Economy workers. The teams come across many situations and no one shift is the same. Street Pastors work in small teams (usually 4-5) and operate in close partnership with the police, but with a very different role. They go out in full uniform and equipped with various equipment and supplies of free items we distribute including:

  • Flip-Flops – given out mostly to women who have broken or abandoned high-heel shoes and would otherwise walk home in bare feet.
  • Bottles of water – Dehydration is a major problem on the streets, bottled water is given out every night.
  • Foil blankets – people are often ill equipped for the drop in temperature as night falls, where Street Pastors find someone suffering from cold they are able to distribute foil blankets.

Street Pastors are members of Christian churches who want to be Good News on the streets of the capital. They are there to provide care, support, and practical help to people out on the streets late at night, also to ensure that the people who are having a night out in Cardiff have an enjoyable, safe evening.

Many of those we work with are often seen by society as having caused their own problems – particularly those suffering the effects of drinking too much. Our care is offered without judgment – regardless of the causes of pain, sickness, or danger.  Street Pastors aren’t there too preach, they are volunteers who are bringing the church in action on the streets, they are passionate about their community and are there for those who need a helping hand. Although an independent group, we work as part of the “Urban Trinity” – the Church, the Police, and the Local Authority in taking responsibility for Cardiff after dark. Together with the night-time economy workers Street Pastors are making a difference and great partnerships have been formed. Local licensees even support the scheme by providing water for the Street Pastors to give out. It’s a team effort and it shows what differences can be made when people/organizations partner together.

They also have a Night Base team which is the operational base for Cardiff Street Pastors and is an important part of the Cardiff Street Pastors project. The Night Base is manned by volunteers and is open from 10.00pm until 4.00 am on each night Cardiff Street Pastors are on duty. The Night Base is a place for the Street Pastors to meet, be briefed and to pray before their shift. It is used as a place for refreshment and relaxation for Street Pastors, South Wales Police and other members of Cardiff’s night time economy.

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